All relevant information to help you prepare for your trip to the Gaeltacht.

Students are Requested to Bring the Following to the College:

Towels, Soap, Rain Gear, Slippers, Swimwear, Sun lotion, Gumshield, High Visibility Jacket, Laundry Bag, Costumes for Fancy Dress and Themed Céili’s if possible.

Writing Materials: Copybook, Dictionary, Grammar book, Pens and Pencils.


Students will travel at their own expense. All details concerning travel will be issued approximately two weeks before the commencement of each course.

Directions to our Colleges


We would appreciate information on any health problems which a student may have. Advice given to us will be followed. A Doctor is available at all times but the College will not be responsible for the cost of prescriptions or hospitalisation. Parents will be invoiced for doctor’s fees. We would appreciate that your child has information regarding medical card/health insurance details to cover costs the student may incur during his/her stay in the Gaeltacht.

Mobile Phone

The use of mobile phones will be restricted at Coláistí Chorca Dhuibhne in order to eliminate the use of English. Students will have permission to use the phone during certain hours.To make contact with the course staff at any other time, you can call the Principal. This number will be issued at Registration.


Bicycles are not essential. They are not restricted however. A helmet is necessary with bicycle. Students are advised not to bring bicycles by train to Tralee. There is no facility on the bus for transportation of bicycle to the Centre. Students wishing to bring bicycles to Corca Dhuibhne must do so privately or by Courier. Bicycles are not permitted at Coláiste Íde.

Hair Straighteners/Portable DVD Player

These items are strictly forbidden.

Camera Phones

It is virtually impossible to buy a phone without a Camera. However we do advise students and Parents to cover the camera part with Black tape. These guidelines are in relation to Child Privacy.

Pocket Money

We advise to bring some Pocket Money as this will be needed for the local sweet shop. We advise €20 for excursions in the local area. Also the students have free time in Dingle town on one of the days. If the student needs to visit the Doctor it is also useful otherwise parents will be invoiced for the cost.


Bean an Tí will wash the student’s clothes for the duration of their stay at the College. Students staying at Coláiste Íde will avail of a launderette facility free of charge.

Visiting Hours

Parents/Guardians/Families are welcome to visit on Sunday’s, generally after Mass. Students leaving from the house will sign a form at the house of Bean an Tí. Students are advised to be back for supper in the evening at 5.30pm.

Musical Instruments

Students are welcome to bring musical instruments during the course.


All information is also available on our website. The facility to carry out payments online is also available

Students not completing courses

A student voluntarily leaving a course before the end will be obliged to pay, in addition to the full fee, €9.50 per day to Bean an Tí for each of the remaining days. This rule is necessary as the Government grants to students leaving early are reduced.

Coláistí Chorca Dhuibhne reserve the right to refuse any application and cannot guarantee accommodation of preference.

College Rules

The Committee does not believe in having a long list of rules which students must obey. There are a few simple rules and it is requested that these be brought to the student’s attention before coming to the Gaeltacht. Contravention of these rules will result in the student being sent home from the course and forfeiting the course fee.

  1. Students must speak Irish at all times.
  2. All students must obey instructions received from the Headmaster, Teachers and Assistants.
  3. All students must return to their houses from the céilí at the appointed time and are not permitted to leave thereafter prior to 9.00am on the following morning.This also applies to students taken out for the day or part of the day by Parents/Guardians.
  4. Possession or use of tobacco, alcoholic drink or addictive substances is prohibited. Students are not allowed to enter a licensed premises.
  5. Students must comply with the rules of the road.
  6. The use of mobile phones will be restricted during college hours.
  7. No aerosol deodorant’s permitted